SEO Services

Every day billions of users search for various terms on the web. The practice has proved that a considerable portion of purchases is done as a result of queries in major search engines. These come to show that search engines are increasingly important to making choices. Higher ranking of your website in search engines is vital to your business.

We are a search marketing consultancy offering end-to-end website optimisation. For more than ten years we have been applying both established and cutting-edge practices which have proved effective in various online projects.

What we do

  • Building long-term strategy for positioning your business in the search engines
  • Link building: essential for successful ranking of your website
  • Local search marketing and Google Maps optimisation
  • Keyword research: defining the right words for your products and services
  • Initial research of your specific niche and competition
  • Content and source-code optimisation — onpage SEO

Why we do it

  • So that you appear in top results for all keywords important for your business
  • So that customers find you easier when they search for products and services online
  • Because organic search traffic is of very high quality and converts easily into sales
  • To improve your overall business visibility online

As a key factor, we focus on offpage SEO, known as link building, which is crucial for successful positioning of a website in search engines. We create and implement complete link development strategies.

Local search is fast evolving and plays a central part in location-based search queries. With the growing influence of social media platforms and user-generated feedback, appearing on local maps can be decisive for reaching your clients.

Your overall brand popularity eventually plays a role for higher ranking in the engines. Popular brands engaging people in all media tend to perform better. In this respect, social signals are of increasing importance to your SEO efforts. We can offer solutions integrating search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

With this optimisation mix, we create the required conditions for better and persistent ranking in the search engines.